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Laser Body Contouring


Q. What Can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, you will meet with a consultant and discuss your goals. Together you will develop a treatment plan that will best fit your needs. Be prepared for your first treatment at this visit. It is best not to eat or drink 2 hours prior to a treatment. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment time in order to fill out consent forms and take the necessary measurements.


Q. What are the treatments like?

The treatment lasts 1 hour. You lay on a relaxing and comfortable table. The laser technician will place the laser beams on the desired areas. Immediately following the laser treatment you will stand on a whole body vibrating platform to increase your circulation. The increased blood flow stimulates the body's systems to help burn calories.


Q. How Soon will I see results?

Results can be seen immediately following the first procedure. However, best results are seen following several treatments. The outlined treatment plan includes 3 treatments a week for 3 weeks.


Q. Is this a quick fix and do I need to do anything else other than laser treatments?

This is the quickest non-surgical solution to unwanted body fat. It is not a quick fix. There are some guidelines the patient should follow while undergoing the laser treatments. Since the laser opens the fat cells and leaves them vulnerable for 48 hours, eating habits should be adjusted to avoid foods high in fat and sugar during that time period. Good exercise in conjunction with the laser treatments provides optimal results.


Q. Does it hurt?

A. The lasers emit a low level energy that safely and painlessly penetrates through the skin targeting fat cells.



Laser Hair Removal


Q. What should I expect before and after laser treatments?

Patients should not wax or tweeze 6 weeks prior to their first session or throughout their course of treatment. The area to be treated should be shaved the day before or the day of treatment. All hair should shed three weeks following treatment. Exfoliating and scrubbing gently should speed up the shedding process. After three weeks some patients may see small black dots remain in the hair follicle. These are commonly referred to as "pepper spots" and will shed on their own.


Q. Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

The best candidates are patients treating areas with dark, coarse and dense hair growth. The lighter the skin and darker the hair the better the results.


Q. Are there any hair removal risks or side effects?

Some people may experience the following temporary side effects: Itching, redness for up to 3 days, swelling of follicle for up to 3 days, tingling or feeling of numbness.


Q. Does it hurt?

Generally laser hair removal is less painful than waxing.



Laser Skin Tightening


Q. What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you will meet with a laser technician to discuss the treatment areas of your choice. Together a treatment plan will be developed. Be prepared to undergo a treatment at your first visit.


Q. When will I see results of my skin tightening treatment?

Most patients notice changes in the tone and condition of their skin immediately following a treatment. However, because the procedure is designed to stimulate the natural growth of collagen, optimal results may take up to a few months to be visible. New collagen growth takes anywhere from 90-180 days to develop following your initial treatment. At which time patients enjoy a dramatically rejuvenated appearance. Depending on the patients desired results, six treatments spaced out 3-4 weeks apart are recommended.


Q. What are the advantages of skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tightening is increasing in popularity because it is less invasive than other rejuvenating procedures such as a face lift or body lift procedure.


Q. What are the side effects of skin tightening?

Normal side effects may include redness or swelling that should resolve within a few hours or days. In rare cases patients may experience bruising or changes in pigmentation of treatment area.


Q. Does it hurt?

During treatment your laser technician will use a small hand piece to apply quick pulses of laser light to your skin. Patients may feel a warm sensation in the treatment area.


Laser Tattoo Removal


Q. What can I expect at my first visit?

During your first visit a laser technician will evaluate your tattoo that you wish to have removed. A treatment plan will be developed. Consent forms will need to be signed and expectations thoroughly discussed. Your treatments can begin at your first visit.


Q. Can all types of tattoos be removed and how does it work?

We use state-of-the art lasers with the newest techniques. Some colors may require more treatment than others and some colors and/or inks may not be able to be removed. Laser energy is directed at the tattoo area for a fraction of a second passing harmlessly through the outer layer of skin and targeting the tattoo ink directly. The laser fragments the ink, allowing your body to absorb it and break it down naturally.


Q. When can I expect to see results of the procedure?

Multiple treatments are required to remove most of the tattoo. There are several different factors in determining the number of treatments required. The average is 8-10 treatments to dramatically fade or remove the tattoo. Treatments are spaced apart several weeks, so this is a long process to achieve desired results.


Q. What should I do before and after my treatment?

Before your treatment shave the area to be treated if necessary and avoid aspirin, Aleve, Motrin or ibuprofen products because this can induce bruising at the removal site. You will be given post-treatment instructions to adhere to.


Q. Does it hurt to have a tattoo removed?

Pain is a personal perception and everyone experiences it differently. Prior to your treatment some clients opt for an ice pack or an anesthetic cream to reduce possible discomfort. Additional charges may apply.





Q. What are the benefits to microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion improves:

Skin texture

Uneven skin color

Acne and acne scarring

Dull or dry patches

Clogged pores and blackheads

Large pores

Fine lines

Sun spots

Age spots

Best of all there is no downtime. You can resume regular activity immediately.


Q. What results can I expect and how many treatments will I need?

Poor health, diet, aging, stress, and the elements of nature can slow down skin cell turnover. By speeding up the cellular turn over process, microdermabrasion brings you closer to healthy younger-looking skin. It allows you to gradually improve your skin without risks, side effects or downtime. To achieve a good result, several treatments are recommended. Treatments are usually scheduled 4 weeks apart.


Q. How does my skin look immediately after a treatment?

Microdermabrasion leaves your skin feeling soft and silky with a healthy glow. You leave the office with only a mild, temporary pinkness on the treated areas.



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